A Day in German Village

From the moment I moved back to Ohio from New York I knew I wanted to be in Columbus, Ohio because of its vibrancy and professional growth opportunities. I grew up in northeast Ohio and didn't know much about Columbus or the surrounding cities. So when I moved to a suburb 20 minutes from downtown I knew something wasn't right. I waited patiently until I fell in love with a particular part of town which was German Village

German Village is home! It's a perfect fit...an old part of town with a great city feel. It has so much charm (brownstones), it's walkable (restaurants, parks and grocery stores), it's friendly (say hi to a neighbor), it's full of community activities (half-marathon/5Ks, Monster Bash, Garden Parties) and more. Here are some of the reasons I love German Village.

Pistacia Vera (Brunch & Dessert) - This pastry kitchen and cafe was created by a brother and sister duo that strive for the highest quality of decadence. There quiches are absolutely delicious and a great brunch choice. They are known around town for their macarons. I like to get a variety and share them with friends. If you want some simple try their croissants with coffee. If you traveling solo this is great place to read/people watch. Somethings to note: Their seating is limited and they do not have wifi (but that's part of their charm) .

The Bookloft - The Bookloft is a German Village gem and MUST SEE! I would encourage you to keep a bit of your coffee and stroll on over to one of the nation's largest independent book stores. It has over 32 rooms of books! It feels like a maze of imagination. It smells like the pages of careful cared for books your grandparents treasured. And who doesn't love supporting the little guy. If you haven't had your fill of coffee or treats pop into Stauf's Coffee Roasters right next door or Kittie's Cakes a few blocks back.

Schiller Park - Walk it off. After a nice brunch and some tasty treats. Take a nice leisurely walk to Schiller Park along the way you will pass the very first Max and Erma's and the famous Schmidt's (E. Kossuth) which history goes back to the early 1880's. I would encourage you to go and place your heading in the cutout as most do and try their cream puff (though admittedly I'm a big cream puff fan) Continue walking south on Third and you will pass Winan's Fine Chocolates and Coffee who's history also dates back to the early 1880's (Note: There is no shortage of food options). Once you get the the park walk around or grab a bench and look at the beautiful floral display, the community theater stage and look for the small fairy treehouse art installation. There is also a community recreational center, tennis and basketball courts, and other outdoor activity options. I like to run around the park in the morning. It's a great way to start the day.

Brown Bag Deli & Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams - Hungry for lunch yet?!? Brown Bag Deli and the walk-up to Jeni's window is great combo (Mohawk Street). This tiny deli has unique sandwich options with freshly made seasonal sides. I love their Village Addiction or #1 on Ten with a bag of kettle cooked S&Vs and diet cook. If you have room left you can't pass up Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, their brown butter almond brittle is De..lic..ious!

Vernacular Boutique - Vernacular is perfectly placed in German Village. It sits on a beautiful corner of the brick roads and historical buildings. It's a boutique created by a couple that wanted to encompasses a style and spirit that is ageless + knows no bounds. I love buying my friends, their babies and myself little thoughtful treasures.

Just walk around... I encourage you to just walk around. The houses and charm of German Village has so much to offer. Turn left and you might discover a small park like Frank Fetch Park or right find a German bakery like Juergen's.

Dinner... it truly depends on what you are looking for... Latin (Columbian/Venezuelan)? El Arepazo - the patacon is my fav. Fine dining? G. Michael's, Lindey's or Barcelona - they are pricey but worth it. Americana? The Syacmore, or Club 185 (it can be hit or miss ). Pizza? Harvest (speciality pizza), or Plank's on High (good olde pizza).

I truly could go on and on about the different options there are in German Village. I love where I live and the wonderful neighbors that I have grown to cherish. I would be delighted to share more about German Village and how to navigates its splendor. Enjoy!