How do I set up a meeting?

To set up a meeting go to Schedule a Meet & Greet, select a time and location, and provide some information about yourself. You will receive a SMS confirmation and a reminder three hours prior to the meeting. If you need to cancel, please do so at least two hours in advance. Please note that we cannot accept bookings for groups of more than two people.

Who should sign up?

We say our target market is anyone who wants to learn more about the city. That could be those visiting from out of town, those that are new to town, those thinking about moving to Columbus, or even locals wanting to discover more of their own city.

Can I sign up to meet a Yokel if I live in Columbus?

Of course! We think part of the beauty of this service is that it can be used to discover new places and make new friends - even in your own backyard. 

Do the Yokels get paid?

No. They are not professional tour guides and they do not get compensated. That said, they can offer great advice about the best things to do and see in Columbus.