Just fill out the form and tell us a little about yourself. Signing up will automatically get you added to the newsletter, so you can keep up to date on what it happening around town. 


We are going to start out with a small group, but we will be expanding as soon as possible. We can't guarantee everyone will be selected, or if selected will be scheduled for a Meet & Greet. If you aren't immediately selected for a Meet & Greet, then don't fret, group events are another great way to get involved. You have to be over 21 to apply, and the role is voluntary and unpaid. 


If you are selected, you will receive some simple instructions and a login to enter your availability to the booking calendar (the tool used to schedule the Meet & Greets).


The booking calendar will allow you to enter your availability, so that you will only be scheduled when you say that you are available. Think of the available times you select as an invitation to connect. You name the time and the location that works best for you. There are no required hours, and you can update your availability at any time. So if you can only commit to one meeting per month, then that is all you have to put on the booking calendar. When someone accepts your invitation and the Meet & Greet is booked you will receive SMS/email notifications. The last step is to confirm the invitation. 


You will meet with the visitor at the selected time/place to sit down together and share some conversation over a cup of coffee or a drink. You do not have to be a professional tour guide, the only real requirement is that you genuinly love this city and want to share some great advice about the best things to do and see in Columbus. Both you and the visitor will receive SMS and email  reminders prior to the scheduled time, so everyone gets to where they need to be.


Following the Meet & Greet, both parties will receive an email with a link to a survey. The survey is short and painless, but your feedback is crucial to helping us ensure that we are doing our very best.