We connect the curious with the heart and soul of the city and the stories it holds.

One of the best parts about traveling is finding those hidden local gems in every city you visit. Sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor will get you close, but what if you could actually speak one-on-one with someone who knows the ins, outs and what’s happenings of the city?

New platform Yokel looks to bridge that gap for travelers to Columbus.
— TheMetropreneur.com

It is simple. We help people discover what there is to love about this city. 

We do that by connecting our proudest residents (we call them Yokels) with you to sit down and share some conversation over a cup of coffee or a drink.

We envision a more inclusive and connected society, inspired by serendipity, exploration and our unique stories. We think we can achieve that goal with coffee and conversation.

We intend to make the world a better place 'one less stranger' at a time.

We know what the dictionary says, but we have our own definition.

A Yokel is friendly and welcoming. They are smart and sophisticated. They are cultured and culturally diverse. They are proud of their city, but don't take themselves too seriously. They are artists, entrepreneurs, chefs, farmers, healers, merchants, musicians, storytellers, teachers and much more. They are makers. They are what makes this city great. It's not what you may expect, and that's what we love about it.

Right now we are taking appointments for members only, but we have great things planned.

If you are a local business or organization that would like to learn more about the Yokel Membership and Partner programs, then send us a note and introduce yourself.